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Originally posted by jennmichael at CISPA : Man, this is getting to be ridiculous. I feel so persecuted -_-;
Originally posted by ohthelulz at I'm not from the US, but this is meant to screw everybody from every part of the world.
Originally posted by squidzo at I'm not from the US, but this is meant to screw everybody from every part of the world.
Originally posted by kingyo_mintat I'm not from the US, but this is meant to screw everybody from every part of the world.
Originally posted by karadinat It Never Ends...
Originally posted by rii_no_ameat It Never Ends...

Here's their next move: The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, or CISPA, would obliterate any semblance of online privacy in the United States.

And CISPA would provide a victory for content owners who were shell-shocked by the unprecedented outpouring of activism in opposition to SOPA and Internet censorship.

The House of Representatives is planning to take up CISPA later this month. Click here to ask your lawmakers to oppose it.

SOPA was pushed as a remedy to the supposed economic threat of online piracy -- but economic fear-mongering didn't quite do the trick.

So those concerned about copyright are engaging in sleight of hand, appending their legislation to a bill that most Americans will assume is about keeping them safe from bad guys.

This so-called cyber security bill aims to prevent theft of "government information" and "intellectual property" and could let ISPs block your access to websites -- or the whole Internet.

Don't let them push this back-door SOPA. Click here to demand that your lawmakers oppose CISPA.

CISPA also encourages companies to share information about you with the government and other corporations.

That data could then be used for just about anything -- from prosecuting crimes to ad placements.

And perhaps worst of all, CISPA supercedes all other online privacy protections.

Please click here to urge your lawmakers to oppose CISPA when it comes up for a vote this month.

Thanks for fighting for the Internet.

-Demand Progress

Hi! my first post actually:P

I found a spreadsheet link for: "Listing Japanese Personalities safety status after the Japan earthquake on 11th March 2011"
Anyway the list includes seiyuus, mangakas, music artist and actors, and others. It also includes the source for confirmation of their statuses. So if anyone's looking for someone, perhaps they can find it there.


Below the page you can find the tabs for seiyuu, mangaka, etc. It is still being updated so if you know anyone's status, you can help updating there^^
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05 December 2008 @ 04:28 pm
"What you do in this world is a matter of no consequence," returned my companion, bitterly. "The question is, what can you make people believe that you have done."
A Study in Scarlet

Today is the 10th year of something like a turning point in my life. Clearly saying if I would be ask if I believe in love at first sight, my answer would be a direct yes^^ This day, exactly a decade ago (Saturday around 6:45 pm) is when I've fallen in love for the first time with just one look! And really, just like fairy tales said the time seemed to stop then and I heard violin music although there aren't any around. It was a memorable day, what became of it is a secret :P We're not apart nor we are together. All I can say is that being in-love is fascinating makes every worst day worthwhile^^

This past two weeks we've been printing more than a thousand t-shirts and its so tiring. There's for the girl scouts, an electrical company, school courses, fiesta and christmas give-aways, Jesus, and even the face of Naruto, lol. My brother makes the designs and I make the screens, yes its called silk-screen printing. Machine printing is only for big companies, and small social groups depend on art signs like us.

Before the end of the year I'd like to finish my sketchbook of Takarazuka siennes and I still need to make four sketches. This is kinda bad because my goal time limit for my every sketchbook is one year and my current one is nearly in its second year. Ah, I also need to make a portrait sketch of someone I've met via internet coz she seems angry at me, so its gonna be like a sign of peace. And also a portrait of Lolita, my classmate and friend who I know is upset/ angry and is avoiding me for only God knows why. But wait, there's more, a drawing for the Sailormoon community since I've joined in an exchange gift-giving event there. everything will be posted on DA when I've timeI. 've lots of stress this year but hopefully I'll manage^^

We just got a call, someone wanted my father to have their portraits made in a charcoal painting. My chance to catch some ideas^^

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10 November 2008 @ 04:57 pm
"A person will subconsciously face the left when he lies,
and will face the right side when he remembers"

I've always like the song Ave Maria even though I often thought it weird. Because whenever I hear it I'd really think I always hear a different song everytime. Why have I not knew that there are three Ave Maria! Up until this week I feel silly silently mocking that song. There lies the answer when I watched this tv concert. I wasn't expecting that, and I thought, what the heck its another kind again. I saw the title and the composer on the upper screen and decided to search it. What I found is that there is 1)Ave Maria music by Charles Gounod with text from the standard Latin prayer; 2)Ellens Dritter Gesang words & music by Franz Schubert aka Ave Maria; and 3) a combination words from the 1 and music from 2... All are famous and also sung in churches. Now I don't think my ears are funny and also I've heard those versions in quite a few languages English, German, Japanese, etc which I think had added to my confusion before:P

Today while cooking, it crossed my mind that I've been doing most of the cooking. Well, its because my father doesn't tolerate buying take-out foods. And so I thought, since I'm cooking why not take a picture, hahaha^^ just for my amusement and post it here for a change.

This one's our lunch. Its called Pesa and instead of cabbage I used pechay.

And this is for dinner tonight. Its Ginataan, same fish and this one still needs to cook for a few minutes

I kinda think its somewhat fun and may as well do it again^^ that when my mothers not looking.

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21 June 2008 @ 06:44 pm
"The greatest pleasure in life,
is doing what people say you cannot"

I have a lot of things people say I can't do, and of course I can do them but I'm not given a chance to do so.  I look forward to that day^^

The weather was gloomy today, I thought I won't be able to dry all the clothes I washed.

I'm currently reading a book  called 'Bandits Brazen Kiss'

Earlier today, my mother told me to catch a chicken, any chicken.
After a half hour of a not so wild goose chase......

This one's  the fruit of my effort had been our lunch:P a very yummy dish^^

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12 June 2008 @ 08:35 pm
"A secret makes a woman, woman"

A nice quote, makes me  think if its really true? I heard it on the detective conan vids I'm watching recently, it was the favorite line of the villain there. From one of the tales I read before its true, that to look attractive women should always keep people wondering, in other words hide a secret. But no matter which angle I look at it, I think a woman with many secrets will scare me.

Classes started this Tuesday which means additional work for me. No, I don't go to school. The work is about chores. One is brother who graduated last April is now teaching at AMA College Gapan about computers and the like. Two, my mother is of course a high school teacher, with these things now I have additional laundry and clothes to iron aside from our family's weekly laundry, then everything should be according to their schedule, cooking, cleaning. And with the time their gone, I should do this and that and so on, obey my fathers orders and their more complains and shouts><; But I'm a good and capable girl, they just don't bother to care.

Anyway, I think my brother is rather lucky, he got the job he like because his interests lie in anything about computers and softwares, his specialty is dismantling and fixing broken ones. He also got the full support of my parents in whatever he told them, the necessary papers, anything. Sadly, on my side a word of: disobedience means being lazy, an opinion means being disrespectful, my dream and working means endless one sided discussion, scolding and silent treatment. Maybe, I should accept to be the woman of the house to keep my mind right, though I'm still waiting. .. But honestly, I'm happy for my brother and I hope  for his success in life. Yes seriously, I do^^

And I have a favorite day now, its May 11th. My bestfriend never forgets to visit me whenever she goes to her parents. Of course, Ronel tags along with my cute godson:)

Can't believe I'm posting:P
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25 December 2007 @ 09:51 pm

20 July 2007 @ 08:10 pm
I found this fellow today....where? flying inside our house.

This bird isn't exactly the birds I see everyday flying above and is rarely seen in town. This one's called a Maria Capra, it has a beautiful voice when it sings. Unlike many birds this one has black whiskers like a cat, speaking of cat, Muning has been eye-ing me the whole time. He probably thought, wow desert! lol. This bird's little feet are armed with long sharp nails and its pointed beak always wants to bit anyone, so really careful...Anyway, it isn't always I chance upon a bird in our lining room so I'm eager taking its picture. But of course I already set it free^^

The past days I've busied myself watching Sailormoon episodes at the link I found, I'm really happy to have seen it coz its been sometime since I last watched this anime. Up to now I've watched more then a hundred out of the two hundred episodes. Its really fun and I won't mind watching it over and over again. I talked like this because Sailormoon is a special anime for me, it taught me how to dream for the first time in my life. I know its weird saying something like that but its a long sad story and I won't write here, hahaha.

The other day, one of my biology teachers in first year high school was at our place. My parents  and her got a little chat. and she told them  how I was like at high school.  She said your daughter was once rude to boys and it's not good to make me angry because I won't hesitate to fight them. She also said that back then, though it always rain, the sole purpose I always brought my umbrella was to hit my male classmates with it. How could she say embarassing things like that? Well, it's true that I did those things but only when they bully me and my other female classmates, coz they won't cease unless they get what they deserve. :P

At the back of our house along the corridor, I found a little snake about twenty centimeters long. I don't know what breed it is, but certainly it acts like a cobra but isn't exactly one. That's not really my problem, however I'm wondering how it got to the middle of the corridor when there's nothing except wall and another wall, a ceiling and a pavement, no holes or anything. I had been there just a minute ago and even if it crawled fast, it couldn't go that far in such close time interval. Maybe it flew or magically transported there. Just maybe.

And also this pc has been infected by a worm(I think). It doesn't seem to damage files, however a message like this appears whenever the pc is restarted before logging in -I'm still waiting for my strawberry coming from my Baguio! Pls help! - My brother is furious at me because he thinks its from the sites I opened, he reformatted the pc and we use the back-up pc for internet. When  this one's fine again he transferred the internet back and the message appeared again, so he's angry at me again. I understand that because he'll be starting his thesis in programming, he wants the computer to be free from any unnecessary worms, softwares, virus that would jeopardize his thesis, but at least he should listen to reason. The only sites I frequent to are TakaWiki, Hankyu, LJ, DA, Wikipedia, Yahoo and he's blaming it on them especially Hankyu, anyway I've been visiting this sites for almost two years and I'm sure their safe.

Ok, so many random things.
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02 July 2007 @ 04:38 pm
Yesterday is a free-day. We went buying our month's supply. And most of the things we usually buy have free items with them: one big toothpaste has a free small one; a bottle of soy sauce-one bottle of vinegar; a ketchup-tomato sauce; buy one take one for big shampoos; pencils for skin powder; tupperware for mayonaise and (this one I like most) for the sandwich spread, free sandwich with the bread and toppings of your choice, its so yummy^^ We saved a lot there.

I also bumped into Darrell yesterday, he's my college friend who's a little arrogant but very kind. I remember him reacting to the Never Say Goodbye poster the day it was showed online. He said that Wao is princess Masako and the poster seemed like some kind of a ritual...of course his wrong, the princess of japan is still a toddler.

Screwed up my drawing last night! Imagine, I fell asleep while drawing. I had just started it when I felt very very sleepy, I should at least tried to finished it today but I don't feel calm when drawing during  daytime.  And tonight , I'll make sure to not to fall asleep again.

And today, today is exactly one year that I shed a lot of tears and most happy too. Today marks the first anniversary of Takako's retirement! Time runs so fast! More luck to her in the future!

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30 June 2007 @ 02:15 am
There wasn't really much to update, everyday is the same day with nothing to look forward too and still bound to stay at home... but I know have to update anything.lol.

Random things, but first this one...

A LadyOscar forum dedicated to the manga Rose of Versailles fans, has a forum regarding Takarazuka's RoV. Dated last January, but considering non-takarazuka fans reaction, the date doesn't matter. It's freaking me a little to read 

Its two pm, my father is away, I haven't eaten breakfast and lunch too. But I'm eating ice cream! I don't care I love ice cream so much. Any flavor is the best^^

On my drawing state, I'm also currently roaming this pc for pics of Taka-Hana looking for a nice photo together. Its because, I happen to want to draw something for them for their first anniversary retirement. *blushes* Well, that's me, I always draw siennes  in honor  of whatever  event, but barely shows them to anybody. And this last minute I need a perfect photo!

And one more thing. I happen to have lots of interest that goes different ways, meaning their not related to the other interest. And this is one...

Everyone else already knows that Chris Benoit and his family died a few days ago his family. Police are  saying a double-murder suicide case. McMahon apologized for airing a three-hour tribute for Benoit because people say no tribute is necessary for a murderer. *sigh* I didn't know which side should I be. Benoit is one of my fav. there and he always plays a clean match. *sighs again* Hope Undertaker will live longer cause he's my most fav. in WWE.

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13 May 2007 @ 10:40 am
I am so excited today! My bestfriend, Lizlaine, is having her baby baptised today. The good part is that Jhenna and I will be the godmothers^^ Like cinderella's fairy godmother, sadly without magical powers. lol. I've known Jen for eleven years and Liz for nine years now and we three are bestfriends at high school. And this event is like making a stronger bond between us, I'm so happy.

My brother and I aren't really close, in fact we almost quarrel everyday. However, yesterday he's supposed to help at home but he wants to slack after. Guess what, he asked me to cover for him. I of course, agreed on condition that he bring something for me in which he gladly agreed. I sometimes do that to him when I'm in the mood^^ he usually brought me chocolates, ice cream or any sweets. And yesterday, I got some different flavored donuts. hahaha.

One more thing, an old lady (54) said to me directly that I was sent to college so that I can marry a good man. she meant that I am educated to find a husband of the same category. Not so funny!

Ok, time to go. I have to get ready, Jen is picking me up in about ten minutes time. ^^^^^^^^^
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03 May 2007 @ 07:33 pm
Muning, my cat, had been gone for one whole day. Yup, he's missing yesterday when I woke up and didn't return  even during meals.  Of course, I thought the worst might have happened to him  because the neighborhood is a cat hater but dog lover(ie. there's someone who shot's only cats with his gun, hits cats with large knives, or even hang them dead on trees *awful really*).  It feels so empty without Muning the whole day, I missed how he played at the bushes during nightfalls, sits on my lap, meows when I eat, and all things that made a cat cute. I didn't sleep well last night and also left all the windows open in case he returns.... by morning, I heard Muning meowing. So I got up not even washing or anything and when my father opened the door....he immediately comes inside and guess what -I'm the very first person he approched^^ I can't help but smile, pat him, cuddled him and even kissed his little forehead. Then suddenly this little droplets came running down my cheeks, I tried to stop them but I can't . I was so happy and my tears kept falling. They say its tears of joy, dunno. Maybe I just over-reacted for crying, but I'm just as glad that Muning is safe and sound because he's my little company.

Some people think its stupid for crying over a cat but I don't really care. I've cried over lots of animals my entire life and that includes dogs, chickens, birds, butterflies. Stories, life and even withered flowers and falling leaves had made me too. I find myself stupid and silly at first for doings such things because a lot of people are laughing at me for that. Later I found out what my zodiac governs and back then I hated being a Cancerian. Time sure is a best healer, I've gotten used to my weakness and learn how to control them now. ^_~

Other things.

Last Tuesday as I said that I'll be helping my aunt and of course I did. Her house is near the church and because its the town's feast, a lot of people are going to church that day from all over the province. Auntie sells some snacks...Let's see, its like a ramen shop but she doesn't sell ramen noodles. Just get the idea that there's a table in front of the house and a bench, the food is serve on the table.  There're lots of people and were so busy that day, I had to divide my time from serving foods and washing used bowls and spoons and glasses otherwise I'd run out of dishwares to use. It made me very tired, however there's some fun part too. My cousin who volunteered to cook our lunch didn't know how to do so and kept asking me for tips, procedures. And I ended up cooking our meal or rather tutoring my cousins how to cook good food.

There're many people at our house yesterday and the other day. And this one particular man in his early 40s said to me dapat naging lalaki ka na lang .  He meant that I should have been born as a boy.  Only because he saw me caught and hold a rooster like a man would do. ha ha ha. very funny. I've heard that from a lot of men before too on other situations as well. I'm still considering wether to take it as an insult or as a compliment, though.

Today, I think is a peaceful day in all.

And because this post contains mostly of my cat, I used/stole merryshannon's icon for just this once. It is a very nice icon, exactly what Muning does to me when I'm sleeping^^
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30 April 2007 @ 09:08 pm
Because of the election, its pretty noisy with all those campaigns around town. Not only that the election is tight but bloody as well. Some candidates were opting for killing their opponent like what happened in the next town a few days ago. Our town is no different from what happened last year, which led to the two mayorial candidates to be mortal enemies when they're best friends before. It still to decide wether to place the whole province under military soldiers' control. Hopefully these things will all be over in fourteen days.

Now here's a weird person. In the morning a woman called saying she wanted me to print a set of their class reunion officers. She called again by noon and arrived at our place in the afternoon. Then she said , do you have a telephone? -*Is she out of her mind, she just called the phone twice and persistently*. But of course I didn't say that. Just something like 'yes we have'.

As of today, its now one year and ten days since I have graduated from my college degree. But I'm not kinda happy about it because....sad to say I'm not allowed to look for a job. *sigh* My father wants me to someday take over our business-art shop and the like. And my mother on the other hand said and believe that daughters are to do housework (cleaning, cooking, washing clothes etc.), she even said that 'that's why you have a daughter for' . I'm also not allowed to go out except for shopping foods/supplies and the last time I've seen a friend of mine is five months ago. Ok, my parents are super strict and breaking their unspoken rules won't even cross my mind and if you'll say that you won't survive living in our house, forget it. I've already heard that, a thousand people have told me before... Luckily more and more people are going on my side, and my Ninang (godmother) is one of them. She kept pursuading my father^^

Tomorrow is the Phil. Labor Day and also our town's patron feast. The feast of Dela Virgen Divina Pastora is celebrated. They're holding shows at the plaza nearby for three days which started yesterday. There's a live band there. And some fireworks display that I had watched by my window at night.  I'll also be at my aunt's tomorrow to help her.

I have to wake up extra early tomorrow, so tada!

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