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05 December 2008 @ 04:28 pm
My Tenth Year of . . .  
"What you do in this world is a matter of no consequence," returned my companion, bitterly. "The question is, what can you make people believe that you have done."
A Study in Scarlet

Today is the 10th year of something like a turning point in my life. Clearly saying if I would be ask if I believe in love at first sight, my answer would be a direct yes^^ This day, exactly a decade ago (Saturday around 6:45 pm) is when I've fallen in love for the first time with just one look! And really, just like fairy tales said the time seemed to stop then and I heard violin music although there aren't any around. It was a memorable day, what became of it is a secret :P We're not apart nor we are together. All I can say is that being in-love is fascinating makes every worst day worthwhile^^

This past two weeks we've been printing more than a thousand t-shirts and its so tiring. There's for the girl scouts, an electrical company, school courses, fiesta and christmas give-aways, Jesus, and even the face of Naruto, lol. My brother makes the designs and I make the screens, yes its called silk-screen printing. Machine printing is only for big companies, and small social groups depend on art signs like us.

Before the end of the year I'd like to finish my sketchbook of Takarazuka siennes and I still need to make four sketches. This is kinda bad because my goal time limit for my every sketchbook is one year and my current one is nearly in its second year. Ah, I also need to make a portrait sketch of someone I've met via internet coz she seems angry at me, so its gonna be like a sign of peace. And also a portrait of Lolita, my classmate and friend who I know is upset/ angry and is avoiding me for only God knows why. But wait, there's more, a drawing for the Sailormoon community since I've joined in an exchange gift-giving event there. everything will be posted on DA when I've timeI. 've lots of stress this year but hopefully I'll manage^^

We just got a call, someone wanted my father to have their portraits made in a charcoal painting. My chance to catch some ideas^^

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