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10 November 2008 @ 04:57 pm
What's Cooking Doc?  
"A person will subconsciously face the left when he lies,
and will face the right side when he remembers"

I've always like the song Ave Maria even though I often thought it weird. Because whenever I hear it I'd really think I always hear a different song everytime. Why have I not knew that there are three Ave Maria! Up until this week I feel silly silently mocking that song. There lies the answer when I watched this tv concert. I wasn't expecting that, and I thought, what the heck its another kind again. I saw the title and the composer on the upper screen and decided to search it. What I found is that there is 1)Ave Maria music by Charles Gounod with text from the standard Latin prayer; 2)Ellens Dritter Gesang words & music by Franz Schubert aka Ave Maria; and 3) a combination words from the 1 and music from 2... All are famous and also sung in churches. Now I don't think my ears are funny and also I've heard those versions in quite a few languages English, German, Japanese, etc which I think had added to my confusion before:P

Today while cooking, it crossed my mind that I've been doing most of the cooking. Well, its because my father doesn't tolerate buying take-out foods. And so I thought, since I'm cooking why not take a picture, hahaha^^ just for my amusement and post it here for a change.

This one's our lunch. Its called Pesa and instead of cabbage I used pechay.

And this is for dinner tonight. Its Ginataan, same fish and this one still needs to cook for a few minutes

I kinda think its somewhat fun and may as well do it again^^ that when my mothers not looking.

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