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12 June 2008 @ 08:35 pm
A Secret Makes A Woman, Woman  
"A secret makes a woman, woman"

A nice quote, makes me  think if its really true? I heard it on the detective conan vids I'm watching recently, it was the favorite line of the villain there. From one of the tales I read before its true, that to look attractive women should always keep people wondering, in other words hide a secret. But no matter which angle I look at it, I think a woman with many secrets will scare me.

Classes started this Tuesday which means additional work for me. No, I don't go to school. The work is about chores. One is brother who graduated last April is now teaching at AMA College Gapan about computers and the like. Two, my mother is of course a high school teacher, with these things now I have additional laundry and clothes to iron aside from our family's weekly laundry, then everything should be according to their schedule, cooking, cleaning. And with the time their gone, I should do this and that and so on, obey my fathers orders and their more complains and shouts><; But I'm a good and capable girl, they just don't bother to care.

Anyway, I think my brother is rather lucky, he got the job he like because his interests lie in anything about computers and softwares, his specialty is dismantling and fixing broken ones. He also got the full support of my parents in whatever he told them, the necessary papers, anything. Sadly, on my side a word of: disobedience means being lazy, an opinion means being disrespectful, my dream and working means endless one sided discussion, scolding and silent treatment. Maybe, I should accept to be the woman of the house to keep my mind right, though I'm still waiting. .. But honestly, I'm happy for my brother and I hope  for his success in life. Yes seriously, I do^^

And I have a favorite day now, its May 11th. My bestfriend never forgets to visit me whenever she goes to her parents. Of course, Ronel tags along with my cute godson:)

Can't believe I'm posting:P
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