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20 July 2007 @ 08:10 pm
Look a little birdie!  
I found this fellow today....where? flying inside our house.

This bird isn't exactly the birds I see everyday flying above and is rarely seen in town. This one's called a Maria Capra, it has a beautiful voice when it sings. Unlike many birds this one has black whiskers like a cat, speaking of cat, Muning has been eye-ing me the whole time. He probably thought, wow desert! lol. This bird's little feet are armed with long sharp nails and its pointed beak always wants to bit anyone, so really careful...Anyway, it isn't always I chance upon a bird in our lining room so I'm eager taking its picture. But of course I already set it free^^

The past days I've busied myself watching Sailormoon episodes at the link I found, I'm really happy to have seen it coz its been sometime since I last watched this anime. Up to now I've watched more then a hundred out of the two hundred episodes. Its really fun and I won't mind watching it over and over again. I talked like this because Sailormoon is a special anime for me, it taught me how to dream for the first time in my life. I know its weird saying something like that but its a long sad story and I won't write here, hahaha.

The other day, one of my biology teachers in first year high school was at our place. My parents  and her got a little chat. and she told them  how I was like at high school.  She said your daughter was once rude to boys and it's not good to make me angry because I won't hesitate to fight them. She also said that back then, though it always rain, the sole purpose I always brought my umbrella was to hit my male classmates with it. How could she say embarassing things like that? Well, it's true that I did those things but only when they bully me and my other female classmates, coz they won't cease unless they get what they deserve. :P

At the back of our house along the corridor, I found a little snake about twenty centimeters long. I don't know what breed it is, but certainly it acts like a cobra but isn't exactly one. That's not really my problem, however I'm wondering how it got to the middle of the corridor when there's nothing except wall and another wall, a ceiling and a pavement, no holes or anything. I had been there just a minute ago and even if it crawled fast, it couldn't go that far in such close time interval. Maybe it flew or magically transported there. Just maybe.

And also this pc has been infected by a worm(I think). It doesn't seem to damage files, however a message like this appears whenever the pc is restarted before logging in -I'm still waiting for my strawberry coming from my Baguio! Pls help! - My brother is furious at me because he thinks its from the sites I opened, he reformatted the pc and we use the back-up pc for internet. When  this one's fine again he transferred the internet back and the message appeared again, so he's angry at me again. I understand that because he'll be starting his thesis in programming, he wants the computer to be free from any unnecessary worms, softwares, virus that would jeopardize his thesis, but at least he should listen to reason. The only sites I frequent to are TakaWiki, Hankyu, LJ, DA, Wikipedia, Yahoo and he's blaming it on them especially Hankyu, anyway I've been visiting this sites for almost two years and I'm sure their safe.

Ok, so many random things.
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