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03 May 2007 @ 07:33 pm
May 4th, 2007  
Muning, my cat, had been gone for one whole day. Yup, he's missing yesterday when I woke up and didn't return  even during meals.  Of course, I thought the worst might have happened to him  because the neighborhood is a cat hater but dog lover(ie. there's someone who shot's only cats with his gun, hits cats with large knives, or even hang them dead on trees *awful really*).  It feels so empty without Muning the whole day, I missed how he played at the bushes during nightfalls, sits on my lap, meows when I eat, and all things that made a cat cute. I didn't sleep well last night and also left all the windows open in case he returns.... by morning, I heard Muning meowing. So I got up not even washing or anything and when my father opened the door....he immediately comes inside and guess what -I'm the very first person he approched^^ I can't help but smile, pat him, cuddled him and even kissed his little forehead. Then suddenly this little droplets came running down my cheeks, I tried to stop them but I can't . I was so happy and my tears kept falling. They say its tears of joy, dunno. Maybe I just over-reacted for crying, but I'm just as glad that Muning is safe and sound because he's my little company.

Some people think its stupid for crying over a cat but I don't really care. I've cried over lots of animals my entire life and that includes dogs, chickens, birds, butterflies. Stories, life and even withered flowers and falling leaves had made me too. I find myself stupid and silly at first for doings such things because a lot of people are laughing at me for that. Later I found out what my zodiac governs and back then I hated being a Cancerian. Time sure is a best healer, I've gotten used to my weakness and learn how to control them now. ^_~

Other things.

Last Tuesday as I said that I'll be helping my aunt and of course I did. Her house is near the church and because its the town's feast, a lot of people are going to church that day from all over the province. Auntie sells some snacks...Let's see, its like a ramen shop but she doesn't sell ramen noodles. Just get the idea that there's a table in front of the house and a bench, the food is serve on the table.  There're lots of people and were so busy that day, I had to divide my time from serving foods and washing used bowls and spoons and glasses otherwise I'd run out of dishwares to use. It made me very tired, however there's some fun part too. My cousin who volunteered to cook our lunch didn't know how to do so and kept asking me for tips, procedures. And I ended up cooking our meal or rather tutoring my cousins how to cook good food.

There're many people at our house yesterday and the other day. And this one particular man in his early 40s said to me dapat naging lalaki ka na lang .  He meant that I should have been born as a boy.  Only because he saw me caught and hold a rooster like a man would do. ha ha ha. very funny. I've heard that from a lot of men before too on other situations as well. I'm still considering wether to take it as an insult or as a compliment, though.

Today, I think is a peaceful day in all.

And because this post contains mostly of my cat, I used/stole merryshannon's icon for just this once. It is a very nice icon, exactly what Muning does to me when I'm sleeping^^
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HIKARU: dearestKashipam_hikaru on May 4th, 2007 10:26 am (UTC)
why not?
i sometimes cry for a tree that's being cut down and flower that withered.
they are living things!